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January 22nd, 2009
[ mood | calm ]

Two days ago January 20th I got to experience the birth of my beautiful niece Avery Lavon Fox. I have to admit that it was one of the most amazing moments of my life hearing her cry for the first time. She was born at 7:02 am weighing 7lbs 15oz. She is a beautiful and healthy little girl. I can not wait to watch her grow.

Yesterday Shantell and I sat in the hot tub and talked about life. It's so hard to find a job anymore that we decided we're going to try and start our own buisness...doing cleaning services. I hope that this works out because it would be fun and a good experience to handle all our own work. I talked to Denise last night and she is excited and more than willing to help us out getting started.

I don't have much to write... it's just a slow day with not a whole lot to do... Bubba's at work so I have nothing to do... =/ lol.. because my baby is my life! so.. i guess i'll write more if anything changes.



December 30th, 2008
So yesterday when i handed in my application i pretty much got interviewed on the spot, which was really exciting im just crossing my fingers & praying now that they will call me back! I need a job so bad & i want one sooo bad! I just want to start saving money & also have my own money to do whatever if i want to..I'm turning 21 in one month! *YESS* but.. the bar wont be much fun if i dont have a penny to spend.=/ I'm also really excited for my classes to start i'm so excited to get into photography & really learn some cool stuff that can help me I hope that me & shantell really do open our own place together & also get to photograph for some magazines like we'd like.

=] <3

August 25th, 2008
[ mood | anxious ]

 So in exactily 2 weeks & 4 days I am leaving for South Carolina for a nice vacation with my mom & shantell! 
We're going to visit Bobby & i can not wait! He's only 10 minutes from the ocean (NICE!) My man will 
be in Las Vegas doing his casino thing (hopefully) lol & i am going to miss him but a nice little get away with my
family is going to be great! I think shantell & me are about to go shopping when she gets home to go get some new
cute clothes to wear while we're gone =] I'm also thinking about getting a tanning membership cause i've pretty much 
lost all the color I had this summer. 

 Anyway... I'M SO EXCITED! =)


just another day [Tuesday
January 29th, 2008
[ mood | content ]

 so i found this beautiful song today & every word makes sence in mine & bubbas relationship its Matt White-Best Days i absolutly love it! On another note I am currently trying to find a job without a car &  its not the easiest thing ive ever done. Not having a car is the worst thing everrr. My goal is to first save up enough money for  a new car & then im going to save everything i can & hopefully take bubba on a cruise when im able to afford it, which wont be for a long time :) but that is my plan. 
I am sooo excited for the summer to come around I cant wait to go out on bubbas boat & just relax in the sun all day with him. Oh & the summer nights are thee best! Down at the beach having bon fires hanging out just having a good time with everyone always. Having a tan & wearing cute tank tops & skirts ... my flip flops - oh how i miss them! =) The only problem is ive got my winter thing going on right now.. which is sleeping in, eating junk, & basically doing nothing but gaining a few extra pounds. (not so good) So last week i started working out with my uncle danny... i only am once a week right now but im going to start working out atleast 2 days a week at home. 
It's hard when i basically live with Bubba & im never home cuz for one he doesnt have the equipment i need at his house & i just dont have the motivation when were all cuddled up in bed together all day =/ 

Well anyway.... things with ashley were never resolved & the last time i seen her i could just tell theres no hope in getting our friendship back. It sucks because we truely had an amazing bond between the two of us & I dont know if i'll ever find that again in a friend but she wants to move on with her life & she doesnt want me to be a part of that so i have to let her go her way & i guess go on with mine. I hope that someday we cross paths & decide to talk about everything & make peace with eachother but who knows if that will ever happen. She's up at school having fun partying with all these new people & making new friends & hopefully they are always there for her. I'll still wish her the best of luck in life regardless what decision she makes.

Alright for now im finished 


xmas [Wednesday
December 26th, 2007
[ mood | grateful ]

 So yesterday was christmas & i had a very good one.. My baby spoiled me & i can not wait to get my 
hair & nails done =D. I know he's happy with what i got him as well & that makes me veryy happy.

I want to ...
get a steady & good job
save money for a.my car & b. my cruise with my love
learn my limits
appreciate all that im givin
show him how much i love him as much as he does for me
start to work out again
never give up on getting my best friend back.


December 4th, 2007
[ mood | disappointed ]

Everythings good between me & my man
lately weve just been hanging out at home.
We went to Dane Cook a little bit ago it was
an amazing show & date. :) we also went and
seen Awake the other night it was a pretty good
On another note i still miss Ashley & im not
sure i'll ever stop missing her. Sometimes i
just cant understand how she can be so ok
with the way things are. She says she just moved
on & thats what she had to do... which is ok &
i guess in some ways i understand but its still
just hard to believe & get used to the fact that
were not friends anymore & may never be again.
Ive tried to apologize & tell her how much i love her
but she told me it was too late.. in my eyes its never
too late to apologize. Hopefully someday i can just
move on & get over the fact that its over but for now
im sad & ill continue to pray we become friends again.

Today is Denises birthday i went and got her a card
from CVS i hope she likes it :)


lovers lane. [Tuesday
June 26th, 2007
[ mood | TIRED! ]

im bored as hell.
Last night was horrible i couldnt sleep at all!
i woke up literally every half hour & now im
babysetting trying to keep my eyes open the best i can.
Tomorrow me & my babes are going to Canada for the
fireworks which is sweet cause that was our first
real *date* i guess u could say with his dad lol.
And our first kiss ever was in the car on the way home.
I love having him in my life he's an amazing guy I really
hope that we end up getting a place soon though bcuz
im starting to feel a bit impatient probably just bcuz its
so exciting to me to think about & i realllyyyy wanna
decorate ! (altho kyles iffy on that one) ;)

Shantell has been talking to Cody Ball which is kinda
exciting to me well... and weird at the same time but
she seems to really like him & i actually think he likes her
a bit as well.

I reallly hope that conner decides to take a nap for me today
so i can lay down for awhile bcuz i feel exhausted! And i
havent gone out the past 2 nights! that's what sucks about it. 
Im beggining to really miss my mom in my life... i hate what
she has been doing to herself & the family but shes my
mom & she means everything to me! I hear she's not doing
well & that also scares me. I dont want to waste days being
mad at her when they could be some of the most important
days left to be her friend. I sent her a gift yesterday & i hope
that she decides to call me soon. She hasnt yet today which
sort of hurts my feelings but i suppose i'll just wait & see
what happens. ???
well im sure writing a lot... so goodbye for now


June 25th, 2007
[ mood | blank ]


Joshies open house was saturday night and apparently
i got a little out of control? First i was talking to Kayli & Jenelle.
That seems a bit odd? Then later was bawling my eyes out
saying i hated my life but i loved kyle over & over? Am I
completely embarressed? [yes] i punched the love of my life
in the face peed my pants in his backseat... isnt that just classy!
Drinking is fucking retarted that's that im done.

On another note Dajuane came & seen me last night i was
excited about that i havent seen him in 8 months! That's crazy
he looks good, but was still really quiet around me. :/ It was
nice seeing him though. We all made plans for the weekend
but who knows if they will really fall through.

After he left i couldnt sleep and i started to think about my mom...
I havent seen or spoken to her in weeks! and from what i hear shes
not doing so well. I miss her a lot in my life & i just began to think about
how selfish ive been to just block her out of my life. I love her & i will always
need her by my side as she needs me right now. The things she's been 
doing i do strongly disagree with but that doesnt change who she is or
what she means to me. She is my mother & my friend! So last night
at about 3:00 - 3:30 am i went up to cvs & bought her a card, a picture frame,
& printed out my picture of the butterfly. I plan to drive it out to her as soon
as i am done babysetting over here which is going to be around 6:00 pm.
Im not sure if she wil even be home but whenever she does arrive home
i hope it puts a smile on her face. <3 


summer time ya'll [Monday
June 18th, 2007

So the other night we went over to Roberts
& it was a lotta fun although Kyle almost
murdered *him* for the way he talked to me
Then me & ash almost burned the house down
& broke the swingset lol
On another note its summer & i love it!
were all planning a camping trip at the end of next month & im soo excited for that
so far i believe its me ashley kyle bubs Ryan jimmy grant bobby & ash brown eric 
well probably just the whole crew! im hoping shantell justine & amber will come as well

last night we went over to bubbas & hung out for a bit
erica stopped by & we took a drive im glad me & her are
talking again she's family & i like just having her to talk to
then me & ash came home & hung out in the hot tub for awhile

us in our awesome bikinis that my dad picked out lol


well hello again [Wednesday
June 13th, 2007
[ mood | happy ]

so loosing weight has been the most succesful ever.
Im still not happy with what i am but 133 isnt bad :)
i got a new hair cut & color done its growing on me

im still with the one & only Kujo
things have been pretty amazing altho
weve had our small bickers & arguements
its all part of relationships so thats alright.

At the moment im babysetting Conner he's getting so big!
anyways not much els to say its summer & i am enjoying that!


April 29th, 2007
[ mood | cheerful ]

so last night was quite the exciting night
First we had plans to go to Billys & hang out with him kess & eugene
but they thought it would be a good idea to go over to Chase's house
which let me tell ya was a GREAT one only because the coolest girl
alive was there
LoL so she had to make her little scene make it akward so we left
(still hard to figure out how someone who fucked my boyfriend hates me so much?)
oh well

So then we went over to Shanda & Heathers apartment which was
a blast ofcourse we pulled an all nighter & then got some of that delicious
NCI this morning =) yummmm. 

*me & bubbs*
aka Cheetah

*me & Grant*

all in all last night was great fun.


April 23rd, 2007
[ mood | loved ]

Sunday night we went over to Ryans & hung out all night
Bubba came over & Ashley got to know him really well =D
Ive finally got a job working at the Childrens Place but... i
ABSOLUTLY hate it there! Working is just not for me but
considering im planning on moving out within the next 6
months (thats my goal) i really need to keep a job & save
some moola! $
Me & Kyle are doing wonderful i love him to pieces & hope
things keep heading in the direction they are. Yesterday we
layed out in the grass & listened to country in the sun. I took
Kippy over to his house & he peed in his house & then on
kyles blanket outside =x  ((im pretty sure kyle was a little upset
about that.)) 

Ive had a few eye openers with some "close friends" of mine.
People are stupid & you can trust no one who hasnt prooven
themselfs loyal.

Well the weather has been beautiful these past few days
& i am soo soo excited for the lakes & boats this summer
my weight still wont drop any less although i was down
to a pretty low point i still wasnt happy with the way i looked?


April 2nd, 2007
[ mood | blah ]

So yesterday was day 5 in a row!

I hung out with amber scully last night & went to see TMT
but that turned out a bit confusing & dumb so we snuck into
Blades Of Glory which was great! lol
Im so pumped for the summer & to be able to hang out with
all my girlfriends out on the lake & tanning & just to have that
relaxed state of mind back that summer brings. 

Ive lost the 6 pounds but im having some seriouse trouble
getting past that... altho i dont really work out at all so that
could be part of the problem =)

I had another bad dream about Kyle & Danielle last night
i just hate them because they seem so damn real unlike my
other dreams ehhh i just pray that never happens again!


March 26th, 2007
[ mood | happy ]

so the other night i was a complete bitch to my baby and
i feel shitty for that i love him more than anything & he treats
better than i deserve sometimes. <3

Ive lost 5 pounds in the past week & im very happy about
that :) so im going to continue to keep working on myself
and hopefully ill be in a bikini by summer! :)

Other than that things are going good & ive gotten to spend
a lot of quality & good time with my bestest friend ashley
& we're going to try & get some baby pigs !!!


March 21st, 2007
[ mood | anxious ]

I have an interview at Gameworks tonight!

I am one nervous cookie
but im soo soo excited as well


March 19th, 2007
[ mood | peaceful ]

I am so excited for the summer to come
Ive decided that i am finally going to start
to diet seriously & work on doing my ab
workouts every other day. I want this summer
to be the best one yet & considering there's
no way i would go in a bathing suit at this
point i need to seriously work on the way i
look. I need&want to find a job so i can go
shopping! and buy some real cute new tank
tops, skirts & ofcourse shoes =)

I will be off of probation in 2 months & all i
want to do is move forward finally... look
into college get a new car & have a steady
job. I'm happy with kyle & i hope that the
two of us stay together & we eventually can
offord our own place like weve been talking
about. My art project is 75% finished & i
plan to be done with it by tonight which
means i should have my diploma (finally)
this week! I honestly believe probation has
helped me so much to realize how stupid it
is to be so careless at my age. This is the
time to work on becoming somebody & i
really need to focus on that.



March 18th, 2007
[ mood | content ]

So last night was st.patties & i just went over to Ryans & hung out with 
                Kyle, Ashley, Rochelle, Ryan & Chris (the usual) 

Me & Kyle didnt really get into a fight but we did argue a little bit last night 
I hated feeling so angry towards him i love him soooo much & i want to
spend forever with him, but i hate how much i worry & think about things
i cant just let them happen. I just feel like he's so unhappy with me lately
which is most likely just me worrying too much. I dont know on another note
we lost our game tonight so we arnt going to states not that i didnt see it
coming =/ sorry to say. Oh well though the season was fun

I am so excited for the summer to be here... i can just feel it slowly coming in
the sunshine !!! <333 ahhh so many good times soon to come.


March 15th, 2007
[ mood | blah ]

Good Morning
It's early & im just waiting to go to court... im a bit bored but hey :)

Kyle gets his car today & im really excited for him! except now i know he can go and do whatever he wants & be where he wants when he wants.. lol, that might sound a little selfish & crazy but it does worry me. Anyways though i went to Overtyme last night it was a lot of fun with ashley , alyssa, amber, amanda, her boyfriend, matt, joe & Erik. 

okay might sound weird but i feel like everything is going so much slower than its suppose to.. like my thoughts are flying but everything around me & my  movements are in slow motion :/ ? this seems to happen to me when im tired hopefully its normal lol i guess ill write later & tell how court goes but for now im going to go splash some cold water on my face & get ready to see the judge. :)



today [Tuesday
March 13th, 2007
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today was a beautiful day!
This morning i went to the courthouse & talked to Denise everythings looking good for me right now. :) I should be finished with community service by tomorrow & then moved to phase 3 on thursday which is a huge accomplishment.

Kyle & I spent some time out in the sun just relaxing on his porch. Im so in love with him, it feels so good to have that one person that is so easy to get along with and so close to me. I can't wait to spend this summer with him & build memories.

On another note i applied at gameworks tonight, but i really dont feel like i'll get hired. I really do want to find a job. I need money like crazy & i need to start saving up to move out on my own & pay for my own belongings. 

Me & My dad have been talking about college & playing basketball ... Marv and my Dad have been discussing open tryouts for me & finding out all the information.  Shantell is most likely going to be on the team & i think it would be awesome to play in college together. This weekend is our regionals & im soo pumped for it i hope that we can move on to states atleast to play one more week. 


March 12th, 2007

It's back to LiveJournal for Me :)


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